Lights, Camera PRE-Action: PRE-Acting vs. RE-Acting for Optimal Health

We live in a world surrounded by technology, information and cement; fast-paced living with little time for reflection. When an illness is severe and our mortality comes into question, we may take the time to stop and ponder our existence. 

But cured, we are off again; not thinking about the extraordinary, complicated human beings that we are. 

Our bodies are indeed intricately more complex and wondrous than all of the computers and gadgetry that surround us today....Yet many of us do not really know what lies beneath our skin—how our bodies function, what they need to survive, what destroys them, or what revives them.

This was the final thought I was left with after my second visit to Bodies: The Exhibition. I had already explored this exhibit about five years ago, but knew it was something I'd definitely like to see a second time.

As the self-proclaimed dork, nerd and science enthusiast behind Source ONE Nutrition I wandered through each room with the same excitement and intrigue I had the first time. Viewing diseased organs, my thoughts (of course) went straight to how the misfortune of each of these cadavers could have been prevented with proper nutrition.

That brings me to "the moral of the story,” which only occurred to me during my second visit: Pre-Action versus Reaction. 

Most of the time, because of our individual human nature, we REACT to everything. Something happens, and then we respond. In other words, our behaviors in many situations often seems to be dictated by something that has already taken place. We can, however, PRE-ACT (or take action before a particular event occurs) instead, thus preventing certain undesired results from transpiring.

From a wellness standpoint, pre-action puts you in a better position as an informed participant regarding your own health. It may involve more effort than simply improving your diet and/or beginning an exercise program, but with the assistance of a trusted expert you can determine the most ideal preventive steps necessary to ensure your unique body functions optimally.

That, my friends, is your PREamble to taking PRE-active health measures starting NOW.

For information about taking proper pre-action to achieve your total wellness goals CLICK HERE to visit Source ONE Nutrition !

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