Total Wellness Vision

I’m a dietitian; of course I feel strongly that the foods you consume play a very large role in health, wellness and the prevention of disease and illness.

I also believe that there is more to the story than nutrition and exercise alone.

No matter the changes you are trying to bring about or those you are trying to prevent, there are many pieces of the puzzle that you must put together in order to reach your goals and maintain what you have achieved.

Most often, we are attempting to complete a jigsaw puzzle with only two pieces: diet and exercise.

I promote a full-body care plan. Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social health and well-being must be included in your plan of attack. Until all areas are addressed and all puzzle pieces are utilized, it will be very difficult (if not impossible) to achieve the goals which have been set for yourself.

The ultimate goal, in my eyes, is a sustainable transformation-- and in order to produce that sustainable transformation you desire, it must be born out of inspiration.

If your motivation to become healthier is more meaningful, than, “I want to look good,” farther beyond, “I want to weigh this much,” then you'll not only be more likely to get started right away, but you'll also appreciate the results of your efforts and maintain it for a lifetime!

Establishing an inspiring mission statement for yourself, your desires, your goals and the reason behind optimal wellness is the first step on the path to a sustainable transformation.

Finally, remember this: There's NO magic pill or miracle diet and there's no quick fix. The things you strive for... whether it's weight loss, increased energy or disease prevention, will not manifest overnight.

But if you use every piece of the puzzle which lies before you, you CAN complete that puzzle, change your life and ultimately relish in your much healthier, sustainable transformation.

Contact Source ONE Nutrition to begin your journey toward total wellness NOW!

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