Chew on This: 5 SMART Snacking Tips from Source ONE Nutrition

Did you know? 

More than 9,000 snack products were launched into the consumer marketplace from 2008 to 2012 alone (yes, a whopping nine thousand)?!

While processed and prepackaged foods can be fast or convenient options, they aren't always the healthiest choices.

Almost half of the U.S. population can be found snacking while at work or school today and I'm a proponent of that, as long as you keep it SMART. Munching in between meals (when done in moderation) can actually help you avoid hunger pangs, keep you at the top of your game optimize mental clarity and even improve your focus.

With that being said, try these 5 helpful ideas to help you snack S.M.A.R.T. and stay healthy:

Sensible: Be sensible not only in your choice of snack (fruits, vegetables, nuts), but prepare a sensible portion size as well, to avoid overindulging. 

Mindful: Be mindful while you are eating your snack(s). In other words, be aware that you are engaging in eating, versus being zoned out while you're watching TV or sitting at your computer. Your snack will probably only take about 5 minutes to consume, so disengage from technology or other distractions so you can truly enjoy what you're consuming!

Accessible: Have healthy snacks on hand… whether it's at home, at work, in the car or in your purse or briefcase.

Restore: Snacks can be a great addition to your daily eating regimen. Additionally, it's an excellent place to slip in extra servings of fruits and vegetables (which have plenty of restorative vitamins, minerals and nutrients).

Timing: Timing is key. It’s best to have a snack 2-3 hours after your last/before your next meal.

Snacking eliminates the 6-7 hours that often lapse between meals. So if you're hungry, be SMART by noshing on something nutritious and avoid processed, prepackaged products as much as possible. 

There are plenty of satisfying and nutrient-dense foods derived right from Mother Nature to choose from. Happy snacking!

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