Spare Change: Why Switching Your Diet Mentality Makes Sense for Effective Weight Loss

"I’ve been dieting for weeks and haven’t lost a pound... So tonight, I’m going to eat whatever I want!” 

That was a statement recently posted by an acquaintance of mine on social media. When I read it, it evoked many emotions, thoughts and concerns.

As a registered dietitian I prefer to only use the word "diet" (if at all) as a noun, in the context of one of the following definitions:

    - food and drink regularly provided or consumed
    - habitual nourishment
    - the type and amount of food prescribed by a health professional for a specific reason

This, to me, is much more appropriate than associating the term "diet" with the following definitions:

a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one's weight (going on a diet)
- to eat significantly less food or consume only particular kinds of food in attempt to weigh less over a certain period of time (to be on a diet)

Dieting, which in many cases is accompanied by a negative connotation, can oftentimes put someone in a position to feel as though they are one of two things: “on the wagon” or “off the wagon.” 

Based on my experience in nutritional coaching I've discovered one thing about "dieting" which could result in much more positive results for many of you out there who struggle with tipping the scales back in your favor... and that's choosing to CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. In other words-- rather than going on a diet or feeling like you're restricted by a diet, believing you're simply taking a new route toward a healthy lifestyle and establishing new habits may be a much more advantageous route (for your mind as well as your body).

From what I've seen in a myriad of Source ONE Nutrition clients, this optimistic attitude alteration can allow you to feel liberated from thoughts of I’m on a diet, I absolutely cannot have that or I'm deprived and I'm hungry

Additionally, when you do splurge on something you feel may not be the most ideal or maybe isn't allowed on your weight loss regimen, you won't have to experience the heavy burden of guilt for eating it. Changing your mind can change your body for the better. Why not give it a try, starting TODAY?!

Remember, diets are temporary. But healthy lifestyles are unending!

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