What Does Your Gut Tell You: Getting to the Root Cause of Your Recent Diagnosis

I recently worked with a client (who, after seeing her primary care physician, still had unanswered questions (we'll call her 'Jane' to preserve her anonymity). 

She reported an array of symptoms, some of which included extreme fatigue and headaches.

Jane's lab results came back showing lower than normal levels of vitamin B12 and she was with “some anemia.” 
The treatment plan her doctor presented to alleviate this condition to begin a weekly regimen of B12 shots. Jane found the results of her recent blood tests incredibly hard to believe, mainly because she knew for a fact consumed plenty of food sources rich in B12 (which are only found in animal products).

Seeking a second opinion (but this time from a registered dietitian), Jane came to me to try and figure out whether her deficiency could possibly be tied to her diet in any way. Her doctor's immediate reaction of prescribing B12 shots for insufficient quantities of this vitamin wasn't too far-fetched of a solution to Jane (or me), especially if it could definitely have a positive impact on her current condition. But since Jane was absolutely sure she was taking in plenty of dietary sources of B12, my instinct as an expert nutrition told me to further investigate this case. Jane's doctor's diagnosis may have been "some anemia," but my first suspicion was that Jane could have a malabsorption or “leaky gut” problem instead.

In the world of homeopathy when certain deficiencies or difficulties with absorption within an individual's gut lining are suspected/discovered, our first method of treatment is to heal the gut naturally, rather than simply masking the symptoms with prescription medications. 

Based on my experience in dealing with gastrointestinal disorders like Jane's, there are several types of non-prescription solutions available to help initiate the healing process (they're even recognized in recent studies and documented research)... digestive enzymes and probiotics. High-quality, natural products like these are just two curative tactics which have been proven effective in many of my own clients. Jane, who opted for this route in lieu of weekly injections from her doctor, is a primary example.

The lesson to be learned from Jane is that you don’t have to be satisfied with easy fixes or quick solutions when it comes to improving your health. If only the symptoms of your current condition are addressed say, with a prescription drug (or three), you may find yourself running in circles because medications are often designed to temporarily lessen or numb the distress you're experiencing, but won't necessarily resolve what it is that's producing those negative effects in the first place.

My purpose for sharing Jane's story with all of you is this: When your healthcare provider's diagnosis and/or recommended treatment plan doesn't quite seem to answer all your questions (or leaves you feeling even the least bit uneasy), don’t be afraid to seek additional advice from a different health professional. There's never any harm in conducting further investigation to truly get to the root of what's causing the symptoms which ail you. 

For more information about nutritional guidance, healthful meal planning or dietary assistance with your current medical condition, be sure to visit our web site at: SourceONENutrition.com (COMING SOON). 

Here's to finding your way toward optimal wellness naturally!

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