New Year's Resolution Breakdown

New Year’s resolutions. Millions of them have been made and many of them have already been forgotten. Setting a big goal for an entire year sets many people up for failure and is often not the best route to success.

Starting off by creating the big goal is great; you need a destination after all. But you also need a road map, which can be accomplished by making mini goals to hit throughout the year.

For one person monthly or even quarterly goals may be their golden ticket. Others may find it necessary to set daily or weekly goals. This may be something as simple as adding an additional glass of water to your daily consumption or going to bed 30 minutes earlier.

Your overall goal for the year may be something much larger in relation to your health, but breaking it down to these smaller, frequent goals will assist in leading to your ultimate success.

Who wants to make a resolution on January 1st and wait an entire year to determine if it was met? Basically after a year you conclude if you passed or failed. This is what we do with traditional New Year’s resolutions! It's clear to see why this is a setup for a much greater likelihood of failure rather than success.

I was recently asked if I was a goal-oriented person. Absolutely, I am! This came about during a conversation where I found myself discussing a recent personal accomplishment as well as the next mini goal I had in mind. I had not sat down with a pen and paper with the intention of making resolutions or goals, it has just become a habit to create these more frequent goals and I quickly realized it is a great key to success.

So, create your ultimate resolution for 2015 if you so desire. However, do not neglect to break this down into actions you can take on a daily basis to lead you to that destination!

Happy New Year!

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