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Having a baby is the best thing I have ever done, and the hardest. Our little Cameron McCallie was born on Friday, December 5th. We’ve been home for 2 weeks now and OH MY the experiences we have had.
How new Moms can take care of themselves

Nothing can prepare you. Not reading every word of every book on the topic or every mommy blog out there. Not even, getting the down and dirty version from a close mommy friend.

You know you won’t get any sleep and you expect them to eat, sleep and poop around the clock, but there are struggles you just could not have prepared yourself for.  All of a sudden you are smack dab in the middle of the craziest, yet most beautiful challenge of your life.

A couple of things I have concluded from my experience thus far are:

Moms need to take care of themselves.

            Sit down a few minutes when you have the opportunity versus feeling obligated to have the dishes clean and laundry done. Or take a shower! It’s amazing how this can make you feel like a real person again.

Take a moment to enjoy the small victories.

            Pause to observe the miracle that you have created. Sit, stare, observe and take it all in. Don’t allow the stress, sleep deprivation, depression to rob you of these precious moments that you can never get back.

Another aspect of Moms taking care of themselves is to ensure that they are eating. There is not a single plan that is right for everyone, so I am not here to say eat this, this and this. Finding time to eat is often one of the many struggles new Moms face. With that in mind, one thing that can be very helpful is to have your freezer stocked with options that you can take out and prepare quickly or just heat and serve. Here are a couple of great roundups of freezer meal recipes to get you started.

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