Glucose Checks and Baby Pics

Fasting and post prandial glucose checks can help you keep your gestational diabetes under control.

Not to turn Source One into Jodie’s diary, but I do want to give you a quick update since last week’s post. First, I received great feedback and a lot of support and it is greatly appreciated!

I have been checking my glucose 4 times daily: fasting, 2 hours post breakfast, 2 hours post lunch and 2 hours post dinner. Thus far, all have been well under the goals of <95 for fasting and <120 for 2 hours post meals.

I began being VERY strict, as in basically not eating any carbohydrates. Therefore I have found that I actually needed to add back in some carbs to each meal in order to not only receive much needed nutrients, but to ensure that I am consuming enough calories.

You may recall my post from several months ago A1 See? Balanced Carb Diets for Diabetics Can Be Easy in which I discussed that when diagnosed with diabetes a common thought is “ I have to stop eating carbs completely.” I went on to talk about how this is not necessarily the case and that the type of carbohydrates and quantity consumed should be the main focus.

Upon my diagnosis of gestational diabetes I did just that, cut out almost all carbohydrates. I knew that this was not the ideal plan; rather it would not be the long-term plan throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. However, I have found that it has been beneficial in order to gauge how I respond to certain types of foods.
By initially going almost cold turkey, I was able to discover where I absolutely needed to add carbohydrates, what types and in what amounts in order to keep my blood glucose at optimal levels throughout the day. All of this proves the all or nothing approach is not healthy nor is it sustainable. Zero carbs is not beneficial to your body and certainly not for your sanity. 

In an upcoming discussion I will go into more on the “on the wagon/off the wagon mentality” and look at how different dietary approaches affect how people relate to food.

So, things are going well and we had another ultrasound last week where we actually got a pretty good little peak at Baby P, here he is!

Again, thanks so much for all of the feedback and support of Source One Nutrition!

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